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The Somers Team    Real People Real Drea


The Somers Team are a Philadelphia based real estate agency


The Somers wanted to be recognized as one of the leading local real estate agencies, and to partner with one of the largest international agencies. Their strategy was to create a solid online presence and make as much ‘noise’ as possible in the industry.


In order to help the Somers achieve their goals we first needed to start creating an online presence. We decided our strategy would be to establish them as leaders in their field, this was done by exposing the management team and allowing them to shine. We established a news broadcast show that focused on the local real estate market and interviews KOL in the local community – the show was hosted by Chris Somers. We also created an entertaining series called The Somers Sofa hosted by Stephanie. Her guests (interviewed on “The Sofa”) were local business personalities. The show aimed to bring out the human, humors side of the business and show a well-rounded professional team who are also personable and nice to work with. The show went viral and had more than 2 million views.


Company movie, ‘the couch’ series, News broadcast series – including interviews with KOLs, TV channel


The Somers team were awarded the ‘Best in Media’ agency – moving from hundreds to millions of responses for their online campaigns. They were awarded the contract to sell major real estate developments and increased sales to the point of becoming ‘First in sales’ winners from the Remax Group. They also partnered with KW, one of the largest USA based agencies.


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