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Kensington courts   The Heart of Philly.

Kensington Courts

The Riverwards Group – Real Estate Developers



he RiverWards Group, leading development company in Philadelphia purchased a 4 acre used car lot in East Kensington, a neighborhood that has long been plagued by drug activity and high poverty and crime rate.

The company was looking to build a middle-class residential development community, including 155 Single Family Homes and Multi Family Rentals (KC project)

Their goal was to sale 10% in pre-construction phase and to complete the sale  of all units in 18 months . In addition, the targeted price range was set at $300-$400K per unit, which was very ambitious for East Kensington neighborhood 3 years ago.


In order to support the project we created an entire kit of visuals as well as physical and digital marketing material covering every piece of information and questions a buyer or investor may have. We arranged all the information in such a way that the sales team would have easy access to precisely what they needed at every meeting. The kit included an explanation of the investment opportunity, with films demonstrating how a 'bad' neighborhood becomes a wonderful family community, and KOLs speaking about the area and the development project. Other items included animation of the buildings and apartments in amazing 3D enabling people to see and choose exactly where they wanted to live (down to the apartment number). Finally, we introduced the developers – showing a reliable stand-up company with real people standing behind their promises.


To spread the word we cut several short clips from the longer movies for social media – these proved to spread like wildfire.


Company website                          , agent kit, video site, animated demo, Investor’s video,

Neighborhood re-branding, testimonials by KOLs, introduction to the developers, short clips suited to social media.


50% of units were sold pre-construction. The project was sold out within 18 months from the beginning of the campaign.


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